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The Conservation of Non-Living Elements and Living Natural Resources - Essay Example

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The paper "The Conservation of Non-Living Elements and Living Natural Resources" highlights that the loss of population of honeybee can pose a serious danger to humanity. This occurrence can completely change the lifestyle of everybody and the diet of human beings. …
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The Conservation of Non-Living Elements and Living Natural Resources
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Extract of sample "The Conservation of Non-Living Elements and Living Natural Resources"

Download file to see previous pages Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the greatest modern scientists. Albert EinsteinPredictably and prophetically remarked that the disappearance of honeybee for more than 5 years can pose threat to the survival of mankind. Every single living and non-living animal special plays a pivotal role in the production of vegetables and fruits that are consumed by human beings. An article outlined by Newsweek based on loss of bee and called it an urgent crisis. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a survey has been done to provide vivid information about the adverse impact of the loss of honeybee. The loss of third of commercial bees has been the prime cause behind the introduction of the emergency plan. Over the last fifty years, the population of the honeybee has been lessening. The Department of Agriculture stated that honeybee helps to pollinate more than 80 percent of the flowering crops (McCarthy 90). Furthermore, this process of pollination leads to one-third of every food people eat. The loss could not only affect the dairy and beer industries but may threaten dietary fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, apples, cucumbers, asparagus, nuts and strawberries. The executive of the Consumer Wellness Center, Mike Adams stated that the loss of population of the human bee is one of the greatest fears to the future of the planet. The rapid upsurge of the population has been one of the pivotal reasons behind the loss of honeybees. The positive impact of honeybees towards mankind cannot be denied. But it is vital for the government to take necessary steps to mobilize the problem.
According to the State Beekeepers Association of California, there is no danger of extinction of honeybee species. The extinction of these species would take hundreds of years.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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