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Case Study 6 - Essay Example

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Considering it is one of the most populated and most developed, New York City provides a setting suitable for studying the general impact of AIDS across the world. New York City became an important city after it was established a major important seaport found in Atlantic Ocean,…
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Case Study 6
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Download file to see previous pages The most probable symptoms exhibited by the community people living with AIDS include swollen glands growing in the throat and groin. Further, the individuals may also witness muscle aches and fatigue. Normally, the fatigue and tiredness period are usually unexplained in this people.
It is worth noting, that everyone in the New York community is susceptible to contracting the virus. In which case, anyone who involves in unprotected sex and sharing of infected equipments is at risk of contracting the disease especially if any of those involved another party who is HIV positive. Considering AIDS is transmitted through body fluids, sharing of the sharp equipment and having coitus with the infected person is a most certain way the virus can spread. The virus normally presents itself in blood, semen and breast milk of infected people (Timberg & Halperin, 2013). These are the most common ways that AIDS presents itself in New York city, where there are people from all walks of life. Once the virus is introduced to the bloodstream, it affects the immune response thereby reinforcing its symptoms on the body of the infected. Apart from New York city, other communities that have witnessed the same include Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. This is because of the higher population growth in this areas.
Even though AIDS has manifested itself as pervasive in the above communities, the involved subjects have been able to manipulate strategies for preventing the disease. Naturally, the pervasiveness of the disease arises because the communities have failed in their attempts to get a cure or vaccine. However, the efforts put have given rise to such strategies such as the need to avoid the high-risk behaviors, including unprotected sex and sharing of sharp instruments. Further, the subject healthcare providers in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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