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It is pretty much clear from the discussion of two cardiologists that the use of e-cigarette is less injurious to human health as compare to the traditional cigarettes. Still there are some restrictions or we can say that there are some health restrictions, which must be…
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E ciggarettes
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E Cigarettes It is pretty much clear from the discussion of two cardiologists that the use of e-cigarette is less injurious to human healthas compare to the traditional cigarettes. Still there are some restrictions or we can say that there are some health restrictions, which must be considered before the frequent use of any critical product. It is matter of fact that the use of cigarette either it is traditional or the modern e-cigarette, is harmful for the human health. Therefore, we cannot openly say that the use of cigarette will not affect the human health any more (Sullum, 2014). Thought adults can use an e-cigarette but it is still injurious for the children and the teenagers.
The other main point of discussion is the marketing of these cigarettes in different countries. The two cardiac surgeons are talking about the fact that the tobacco companies may put a warning on the use of cigarettes by the children in their campaigns. However, many of the countries and their tobacco companies are following this practice but we can count a number of countries who do not use such a warning statement in their advertisements and the marketing campaigns. Therefore it is dangerous that the adults and the children are mutually involve in the use of tobacco cigarette or an e-cigarette in these countries.
Sullum, J. (2014), ‘E-Cigarette Restrictions for the Children could be Deadly For Adults’, Forbes, Retrieved on August 23, 2014 from Read More
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E Ciggarettes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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