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Sustainable Development and Provision of Quality Life Options - Assignment Example

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This paper "Sustainable Development and Provision of Quality Life Options" focuses on sustainable development has been understood differently according to environment and society. However, in general, it has been understood as a progressive process, which enables societies to acquire their present requirements without conciliating or sacrificing the needs/necessities of the future generation. …
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Sustainable Development and Provision of Quality Life Options
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, ‘needs’ mechanism enable organizations and individuals to compromise on environmental pollution, this pollution due to overconsumption develops the unliveable environment for the future generation in long term. ‘Needs’ initiate such processes for which short-term benefit is assessed and collected, but their long-term and wider detrimental impact on the planet is not taken into consideration. Subsequently, Sustainable development forwards a balanced approach to life, which brings social, governmental, and economic restrictions for the sake of better future.
Vivid examples of poor unsustainable development can commonly be observed like hefty financial crises due to negligent banking and governmental policies, increase in air pollution due to fossil fuel burning, pacific garbage patch due to waste dumped in the sea, deforestation, no-recycling, ecological issues due to pesticides and chemical fertilizers and etc.
Poor quality of air in Urban or industrial areas develop smog that contains sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and carbon mono oxide. These toxic gases are lethal for lungs and can cause long-term respiratory issues, change in human organ functions, and also cardiovascular syndrome as well. Similarly, noise pollution of heavy traffic, industrial units, constructional activities and various machines can cause hearing impediments, sleep disorders, aggressive temperament, stress, cardiovascular syndromes and many more. Pollution of any type is due to short-term benefit and lack of long-term planning according to sustainable development. Hygiene issues due to water pollution in heavily populated areas can cause people and their future generations to suffer from numerous health issues as well.
The above-mentioned issues are a result of unsustainable development, inadequate urban planning, and functioning in the recent world. However, to adopt sustainable development lifestyle efforts are required to remodel current and existing processes into sustainable processes, and consumption needs into sustainable consumption.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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