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Deforestation and the Environment - Essay Example

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This essay studies two major cases of deforestation in the world, its devastating repercussions, and some of the corrective measures undertaken in an attempt to quell the effects. Deforestation is an issue that can be tackled with the effort to make for a healthier environment.
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Deforestation and the Environment
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Extract of sample "Deforestation and the Environment"

Download file to see previous pages The first case is about deforestation in Sumatra, an Island in Indonesia (Kuhn). Deforestation on the island is mainly because of papermaking. APP, Indonesia’s largest papermaker runs numerous acacia tree plantations on the Island. These plantations have been set up by clearing a vast majority of forestland. Local dwellers have accused the officials of the company of bringing about dilapidation to the local environment.
The second case is based in the United Sates, where Cargill Corporation burns large tracts of forestland in order to pave way for soya plantations (Greenpeace International) in Brazil. This, in the region, is coupled with the fact that cattle ranchers, who in other areas typically move into areas that have already been exploited by loggers, are in this case clearing forestland themselves in a bid to expand their operations. The situation appears bleak; with Greenpeace International projecting that deforestation rates will be rising in coming years.
Perhaps the most immediately felt effect of deforestation in the Sumatra region is the fact that the activity deprives locals of one of their most important sources of food. They recall a time when they could hunt for deer and birds in the forest, an activity they now cannot undertake since animals of this nature do not create habitats in the acacia forests. Acacia trees do not provide enough shade for animals. Another effect of deforestation in Sumatra is the fact that it is destroying the natural habitat of the Sumatran Tiger. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Deforestation and the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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