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The Pace of Climate Change and Global Warming - Article Example

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This review article "The Pace of Climate Change and Global Warming" provides an analysis of an article by National Geographic on a global warming overview. It will look at the green house effects, global warming causes, why it is a concern and lastly give a conclusion in relation to the topic…
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The Pace of Climate Change and Global Warming
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Extract of sample "The Pace of Climate Change and Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages The greenhouse effect can be best described as the result of what happens when the heat gets trapped by certain gases in the earth’s atmosphere, for instance, the greenhouse glass walls. These gases let in light but prevent heat from escaping thus the heating results. Since 1824, scientists have been aware of the greenhouse effects. Pioneers like Joseph Fourier ascertained that the earth’s climate is livable mainly due to the greenhouse effects, without which the earth would be colder. Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, in 1895, further helped kick start the decade long climate research that has made us, better understand global warming by discovering that the greenhouse effects can be enhanced by making carbon dioxide greenhouse gas.
The greenhouse gases are known to absorb radiation in the atmosphere that makes them the major contributors to the greenhouse effects. Merged with the resulting global warming and the rising greenhouse gases levels, the greenhouse effects are foreseen to have major consequences, this is in accordance to the near global–agreement by scientists. If unchecked the global warming will cause, climatic changes, increase in ocean acidification, severe societal and natural impacts, and extreme weather events and this is according to EPA, NASA and other governmental and scientific bodies (National Geographic 1).
Research on the actual causes of global warming has been going on for decades. Scientists have analyzed the natural events and cycles that are known to influence climatic changes but not even the measured patterns and amount can be explained by these factors alone, therefore making it necessary for the GHGs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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