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Casing an Integral Part in Oil Drilling - Assignment Example

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This paper "Casing an Integral Part in Oil Drilling" focuses on the casing which happens to be an integral part of oil drilling as well as completion process. Casing in general provides structure as well as strength to the hole of the well to prevent it from collapsing on its own. …
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Casing an Integral Part in Oil Drilling
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Download file to see previous pages Conductor casing does vary in diameters from 18’’ to 30’’ (Mid Continent, 2014).
Freshwater zones are isolated from the well of oil by surface casting. This makes sure that the waters remain uncontaminated in the drilling and completion process. Such environmental issues have compelled some countries to put in place regulations governing cement quality as well as casting depth. A surface casting classic size is 18 5/8 inches.
Intermediate casting helps minimize the hazards, which underground formations could pose to the well. It also prevents blowouts by supporting maintenance of hydrostatic pressure at the appropriate levels. Intermediate casing happens to the longest casting section found in a well.
Liner strings at times can be used as an alternative to intermediate casting. They are less permanent compared to an intermediate casing and are used often for cost reduction (Mid Continent, 2014). The liner is hung right from the base of the prior casting interval and not from the surface, as a replacement for being cemented in place.
Production casting is the final and it happens to be the deepest section of well casing. It does provide a channel for petroleum producing formation to the surface. Its size does depend on several considerations. For instance for a well expecting future deepening, production casing should wide enough for a drill bit to pass through.
Well, a casing is done in sections (joints) of around 40 feet long and joined together in order to form long lengths known as casting strings (Rigzone, 2014). Every end of a casting joint does have male threads, which are under the protection of a thread protector, till the casings become ready for joining. A coupling or collar made of a cylindrical pipe that is short but longer slightly in diameter than the joints and has female threads connects the male joint ends (U.S. Department of Labor, 2014).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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