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Greendex is a weighted algorithm that is used in calculating impacts of consumers within certain categories of transportation, housing, consumer goods, and food. The Greendex collaborates the survey based output index that is attained by mapping empirical data obtained from the…
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Download file to see previous pages ers through a common measurement scale of variables to every raster and weighting all separately according to their importance and placing them together to come up with an integrated analysis (Symington and Dunford 44). It has been noted that the Greendex has employed all the comfort, dexterity, fit, and toughness expected from the N-DEX disposal glove with integration of the eco best technology that is noted to accelerate biodegradation especially in landfills thereby boosting environmental performance.
The Greendex system empowers consumers across the world to employ sustainable consumption. The system achieves this through its feedback system that provides consumers and their consumption patterns of compatriots. Moreover, the Greendex has a GlobeScan system that works directly in supporting the mission of the National Geographic that inspires people to take care of their plant by changing not only their leadership system but also the nature of their human behaviors. Therefore, unlike the old conceptual where human behavior was never monitored in relation to the environment conservation, the new conceptual framework or the Greendex has initiated mechanism for environmental conservation through changing human behavior as well as assessing progress on such human behavior change and the progress of sustainable consumption across major world economies.
Notably, before this new model, consumer had never developed behaviors that were environmental friendly and their consumption habits were never stainable, but rather led to enormous production of carbon dioxide into the environment. Carbon dioxide among other greenhouse gases has been known to be injurious to the environment especially on their effect of ozone layer depletion. It should be noted that the depletion of the ozone layer has since led to numerous changes to the world climate especially leading to global warming that have since has diverse and devastating effects to the environment (Symington and Dunford ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Greendex Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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