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Issues Regarding the Global Environmental Ethics and Green Spirituality - Essay Example

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This paper "Issues Regarding the Global Environmental Ethics and Green Spirituality" focuses on the fact that the author debates over the value theory in environmental ethics. The author examines what is considered to be valuable and where does the value come from.  …
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Issues Regarding the Global Environmental Ethics and Green Spirituality
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Download file to see previous pages In the individualist deontologist approach, the adult mammals are thought to have more value than other species. As per ( Palmer,2011,pg.20)“These environmental ethicists consider that individual organisms have value in themselves, the value that is not necessarily linked with experience, nor to do with states of affairs within the organism. In the holistic approach, the whole of the living beings and the ecosystem is considered as an aesthetical unit.T he most appealing approach is the holistic approach because it considers all living being and ecosystems important. The relationship among living being and nature is given a spiritual meaning. In that sense, we have the obligation to protect nature as our home and Mother.
Nature is our home and we need to see the environment as ourselves because of its destruction we destroy ourselves. We need to amend environment policy to reduce air and water pollution, global warming and animal extinction.
The author Patrick Dobel in his essay greening of spirituality attempts to bring forth the idea of how religious values the environment and living beings. He has written about the traditional Christian and Jewish view on the environment by giving reference to the Biblical text. The Judeo – Christian view on environmental ethics is presented by the author.
He writes that Christianity is an environmentally friendly religion which is peace-loving and tolerant. He argues against people who think Christianity manipulate the environment. He believes that Christianity supports caretaking of environment and sharing benefits equally among all. Patrick Dobel states that the stewardship imperative supposes that the ethical, as well as ecological restrictions, are endowed, adding the mandate to disburse the gains fairly (28-32) The author claims that both Islam, Native American tribal religions have exploited nature. The author does believe that the environmental crisis has its roots in the western world. Industrialization occurred first in West and hence they used natural resource excessively which accounted for environmental exploitation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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