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Pro Genetically Modified Foods. Only the pros not the cons - Essay Example

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This involves alteration of the genetic constituents of plants in an unnatural way as stated by Freedman (2009, p. 4). These comprise such processes as, mutation, deletion of some genes, and addition…
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Pro Genetically Modified Foods. Only the pros not the cons
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Download file to see previous pages These foods benefit farmers as they realize higher yields when they grow them (Carter, Moschini & Sheldon, 2011, p. 33). Therefore, these foods promote the wellbeing of the entire society. Reduced poverty levels, for example, illustrate the importance of genetically modified foods. These foods, also, affect positively on the environment. They safeguard the environment in a number of ways, which makes the earth a better place to live in. consequently, human beings achieve peace of mind as protection of the environment assures them of the protection of future generations.
Many governments around the globe advocate for the use of genetically modified foods. The United States, for example, encourages the growth of these foods (Forman, 2010, p. 26). Governments appreciate that the foods alleviate poverty in their respective countries. More to this, they encourage cultivation of these foods due to the economic implications resulting from the foods. The foods, for example, promote economic growth, given the availability of food that can be exported to other countries. The foods also save the various economies amounts that could have been used to import foods. These funds can be channeled to other development projects, thus boosting the standards of living in the nations.
Environmental activists also support the use of genetically modified foods. These foods protect their interest of conserving the environment, which makes them support the implementation of these crops in their different regions (Young, 2004, pp. 2-3).
Health institutions encourage the use of these foods as well. This follows the health benefits derived from growing the crops. They, for example, utilize minimal application of chemicals on the plants. Consequent to this, farmers and other farm workers experience reduced exposure to harmful chemicals. This reduces the number of health cases related to the use of the chemicals, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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