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Global Population Growth: Consequences and Remedies - Research Paper Example

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In this paper "Global Population Growth: Consequences and Remedies", the global impacts of increasing population will be examined along with identification of the significant strategies that can stabilize and even reduce the impacts of this phenomenon…
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Global Population Growth: Consequences and Remedies
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Download file to see previous pages Demographers around 1960 have shown major concerns over increasing population growth in developing countries. Notestein elaborated on this view through his Demographic Transition theory in 1946, according to which the population equilibrium was maintained for a long time during the past 3 centuries but whenever this balance was disturbed, it was automatically readjusted to a new state of balance and mortality stood out as the regulator of this system. Progressive countries can undergo demographic changes due to fertility and mortality rates. Mortality rates will reduce first followed by fertility decline causing changes in growth rates. According to his analysis, Growth-potential Populations such as Europe will experience transition growth due to urbanization and industrialization of society. Higher incomes, advancement in education, changes in women’s role in society and better quality of life will demotivate childbirth among people. Thus, fertility will be reduced and the population will show incipient decline as the public will pursue family planning and women will be empowered in childbearing decisions. (Notestein 36)
But global population still is undergoing radical growth and causing negative impacts on the world resources, especially Europe, China and U.S population. To sustain a worthwhile future, problems of resource depletion, environmental disasters, and population size have to be analyzed. Ehrlich and Holdren (1217) emphasized on five notions of global impacts of growth rates. First, growth in U.S. population since 1946 has consumed more resources of electricity thus putting pressure on the energy budget every year. Aluminum and Steel consumption has increased by 1400 folds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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