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Responses to blogs that I will put below - Article Example

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In the contemporary age, when our dependence on electrical appliances is increasing at a very fast pace, there is need to empower the solar panels in some way as most of the existing…
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Responses to blogs that I will put below
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Download file to see previous pages While it is a great idea to implement such a law, I am skeptical that people would like to actively participate in the effective implementation of such a law until they find certain incentives in doing that. I think that such a law can be made more effective by developing a lottery scheme in which, people who have generated more material for recycling compared to others should be entitled to some rewards. It is up to the government to establish the minimum limit for such a competition and the rewards. In addition, government also needs to create awareness among the public on the benefits of recycling through tv programs and other forms of media so that people understand the importance of recycling and fulfill their responsibility toward the nation.
Enforcing stricter punishments to discourage the act of littering is a very effective strategy to minimize littering. Punishment and fines are what people really care about and tend to avoid, and can thus be forced to deter from littering. However, in addition to implementing this law, an additional thing that the concerned authorities can do to decrease the amount of litter is installation of more trash bins. There is no doubt that there are a lot of trash bins everywhere in the US, but still if people are littering, this means that no matter how many of them have been installed, they are still not enough. People certainly need more trash bins to prefer using them on littering. Nobody would like to litter if a trash bin is in approach. In addition to this, government should introduce a scheme according to which people that have collected maximum litter throughout the year should be rewarded. It is up to the government to establish way of finding this out as there can be plenty of ways.
The law you have proposed serves to safeguard just one animal in particular whereas the medicinal benefits obtained provides health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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