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SCIE210 U3IP: Energy Plan - Research Paper Example

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It is defined as the ability to do work. This ability bears different forms hence the different forms of energy. The most common forms of energy forms include kinetic energy, electric energy, food energy, chemical energy, nuclear…
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SCIE210 U3IP: Energy Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Secondly, the energy source should depict safety and convenience. Thirdly, the energy source should be easily transportable as well as able to store. Lastly, it should have a long usability period.
The law of conservation of energy is a very important law in nature. According to this law, the total amount of energy in a system is constant. This means that energy is neither lost nor destroyed (IOP Institute of Physics, 2014). The reason why energy sources exhaust is that it is converted from one source to another. In real terms, the energy within a system remains constant because one of the forms of energy in the system changes. For example, when an engine utilizes fuel, it converts the chemical energy that is available in the fuel into mechanical energy that is capable of make a movement. Therefore, energy is very dynamic. It is clear that the energy in the world is constant; the conversion from one form to another is what makes the sources of energy exhaustible. For example, it is possible to exhaust the oil in the world but the reality is that the amount of energy remains unaltered.
The various sources of energy have different advantages and disadvantages. Fossil fuels include oil, natural gas, and coal. These have been used as energy sources for quite some time 9International Energy Agency, 2013). One major advantage is their ability to generate high amounts of energy. Secondly, they are easy to explore. Transportation of oil and gas is very efficient through pipelines. On the other hand, coal is cost efficient as well is available in bulk. The efficiency that is associated with gas in the power plants is usually very high. On the other side, these sources have their own disadvantages. Crude oil poses a risk of pollution among other environmental hazards, coal is highly bulky hence, exploration and transportation is tedious, while coal also releases carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SCIE210 U3IP: Energy Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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