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I think that it would be challenging for many people to link the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting the pen because first, the box limits their thoughts about possible…
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January 16, All Boxed In This problem is difficult for me and I solved it only after I considered going outside the box. Ithink that it would be challenging for many people to link the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting the pen because first, the box limits their thoughts about possible answers. They might think that because there is a box, the answer must be inside it. Second, it is also hard to answer this correctly if people do not test other answers because they are afraid to take risks. I believe those who do not have it in their personality to take risks will not even try going out of the box. Finally, people will find this challenging to answer because they are not used to using their imagination. They do not even think of testing other possible answers because of lack of new ideas. Read More
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