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Government regulation of climate change - Essay Example

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These arguments have offered a platform for discussion between invited climate scientists on important climatic topics which have been a subject to many debates (Leiserowitz, 2006). The goal…
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Government regulation of climate change
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Extract of sample "Government regulation of climate change"

Download file to see previous pages As asserted by Leiserowitz (2006), climate change has impacted on the environment in many ways. These effects include the following but are not limited to; the melting ice sheets, rising level in sea, oceans are becoming acidic, the changing weather pattern, the changing in food, water sources, health risks in our habitats among other vivid effects. With these effects in mind, United States there asserts that all nations are at risk and necessary measures should be put in place in order to address the problem.
Leiserowitz (2006) asserts that in matters pertaining to the resource and environment challenges brought about as a result of climate change, China is advocating for quick address of issues of energy conservation and emissions reduction which contribute greatly to climate change. They view it in the context introducing consumption modes which helps to conserve energy and resources and protect the environment (Leiserowitz, 2006). China insist that the problems of climate change can be handled by building a recycling based and a sustainable national economic system with features of low consumption of energy, low emissions and sustainable use of different sources of energy which promote a sound ecological environment.
According to Leiserowitz, (2006), there is no doubt that there is need to approach the concept of climate change in balance way. Such approach assists in ensuring that there is normal life for all the inhabitants of the environment, which is affected by the climate, whilst securing future generations. Amazingly, scientists and other stakeholders continue to argue that there is need to reduce emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere besides reducing the effect on greenhouse for the purposes of avoiding climatic change. In this perspective, every stakeholder has a responsibility of enhancing climatic conditions through reducing emissions and effect on the greenhouse. Consequently, there will be an ecological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Government Regulation of Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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