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Genetically modified crops can lead to different food allergies in human beings because they are developed using unnatural genetically altered mechanism. This is why the risk to different food allergies is significant because effects of genetically altered crop on different…
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Genetically Modified Crops)
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Download file to see previous pages When it comes to food, one has to be absolutely sure about safety and health of human beings. Absence of surety makes GMC unsafe for human health.
There are also risks that some genetically modified crops can increase resistance of different antibiotics and this can lead to health issues (Conway, 2000). This type of resistance can render any antibiotic useless and can prolong illness. In genetically mutated crop, different genes are artificially introduced and some of these genes can increase resistance to important medicines like antibiotics.
Genetically modified crops are also unpredictable because no one knows how they will be reacting with natural human genes and our bodily function. The pose risk to human health because modified genes can react with human body and lead to health issues and other types of illnesses.
GMC has also been found to produce health defects and organ failures in animal testing (Dona & Nitoyannis, 2009). This is also a significant reason to worry about genetically modified food and crop. Animal testing has showed its dangers and therefore it is only logical to assume that these crops might also pose risk of organ failures in human beings.
One of the main benefits if genetically modified crops is that that it can end famine and shortage of food problem from the developing countries. Most developing countries face shortage of food and this can be eradicated through use of genetically modified crop as it increases efficiency of crops and make it more resistant to pests.
Genetically mutated crops can also help farmers of developing countries where soil is not fertile enough to sustain good crop yields. Through these crops, farmers can increase their output which can in turn lead to prosperity for farmers.
There are also economic benefits of the crop as it offers protection from pests. Farmers can save significant amount of money on pesticides. Also these crops increase output and this makes it more economical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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