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Social and Physical Benefits of Parks and Recreation Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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The article proffered pertinent issues relative to the benefits of public parks to the health of people from low-income groups, in terms of engaging in physical activities. As disclosed, a total of 8 public parks were used to observe and interview a total of 713 park users, in…
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Social and Physical Benefits of Parks and Recreation Annotated Bibliography
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Download file to see previous pages The article is deemed beneficial as a source of pertinent information regarding accessibility and overall improvement in physical activity of local residents, specifically those coming from the low-income level.
The study was conducted to determine any significant changes in terms of use of recreational facilities or parks after being remodeled or refurbished and compared with those which were not changed. The aim was specifically noted as determining whether “higher quality recreation facilities promote physical activity and serve communities better” (Cohen, Sehgal and Williamson S248). One skate park and one senior center were used as observation avenues and compared with two other skate parks and two senior centers that were not refurbished. The methods used the System for Observing Parks and Recreation in Communities (SOPARC) and validating interviews. The findings revealed that “park use results from a complex mix of factors that includes not only higher quality recreation facilities but also programming, staffing, fees, hours of operation, marketing, outreach, and perhaps a host of other human factors” (Cohen, Sehgal and Williamson S257). The information contained herein are therefore useful to the current research in terms of specifically identifying factors that could contribute to increased use of these facilities and therefore are instrumental in improving the health condition of users.
The authors aimed to determine the source of studies involving leisure, recreation and park use with their alleged link to active living. Other concerns pertinent to the study included presenting aspects of government recreation and park services, concepts and methods in leisure studies as well as the management of recreation and park use, urban park use, and diverse factors that were apparently contributory to increased physical activity in leisure times. The findings revealed that a deeper understanding of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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