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Solid Waste Management Privatization - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes the effects of constantly increasing human population and consumption rates, which in the end lead to the higher rates of solid waste disposal these days. It also focuses on India as an example of privatizing the solid waste management services.
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper not only discusses today's pollutive levels in India, but also analyzes benefits and disadvantages of privatizing solid waste management services in New Delhi. The researcher explores costs of waste disposal services in India, that had increased from 21 to 42% after the privatization. This drop in costs was mainly attributed to great efficiency and stricter monitoring of the waste services. The government, on the other hand, cannot pay its workers lower than their minimum, therefore without privatization the costs will still remain high. In their provision of services, private companies also have economies of scale to protect the environment and to get into multiple contracts thus, incurring very low costs. In addition this research paper also discusses government bureaucracies, such as service limitations, that are not imposed on private companies and for this reason, their service provision is not hindered at all. Privatization of solid waste management was also thought as beneficial by the researcher due to the increased efficiency of the services. The dumping sites in New Delhi reduced remarkably after the privatization program. In conclusion, the researcher states that privatization of solid waste management certainly has more benefits than if left in the hands of the public sector. Better and improved results are more likely to be obtained if the private sector undertakes the solid waste management services. However, the cost factor is still of great importance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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