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Waste Disposal and Green Intelligence - Dissertation Example

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The paper describes waste materials are substances that are produced by humans in their every day activities, which they no longer have need for and plan to get rid of. These may comprise of solid wastes, liquids, gaseous, and radioactive materials…
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Waste Disposal and Green Intelligence
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Extract of sample "Waste Disposal and Green Intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages The government should play a crucial role in ensuring that citizens are made aware of the best and most convenient ways of managing waste. Waste recycling is one of the interventions that most governments especially in first-world countries have taken to deal with waste management. For example, the U.S government has carried out campaigns to sensitize its citizens on the importance of recycling materials such as plastics, paper, and glass. In as far as land filling is concerned; the government advices that the dug up surfaces should have bottom liners to collect any water that may contain hazardous chemicals. This way no toxic water flows into the ecosystem. Concerning disposal of wastes into water bodies, the U.S government directs that industrial wastes be deactivated before being released into water bodies.The main goal of green intelligence is to provide the general public with information concerning the dangers they are exposed to as a result of poor waste management. This involves using market-oriented approaches to ensure environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources .Green intelligence strategizes to achieve its goal by urging the private sector and the government to avail necessary information to the public. This is because the government and private sector seem to be colluding to hide trivial information from the public on hazardous substances and poor waste management. According to Wargo, chemical manufacturers are very crucial in ensuring a safe environment and a healthy general public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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