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Make green tech, not green legislation - Research Paper Example

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Ordinary citizens are not interested in living to the dictates of environmental lobbyists and politicians. They have spent a life time earning and paying taxes. They now want to live to their desires based on the money they have…
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Make green tech, not green legislation
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Download file to see previous pages Google has had a track record of getting into trouble over privacy issues. This article pertains to the most recent trouble that Google faces on this issue. Google faces investigation from regulators in the U.S.A and Europe over its bypassing of the user privacy settings on Apple’s Safari Web browser. Bypassing of the privacy settings by Google was through the use of enabling special codes that allowed Google to maintain a track of computer and mobile users.
Google says it will cooperate with the investigation and has stopped the use of these special codes and the tracking of computer and mobile users. However, Google had earlier taken the stand that the advertisement cookies through which the security was bypassed, was to provide features that the users themselves had enabled. In addition, it was also earlier stated that personal information of the users was not collected by the generated advertisement cookies. (2). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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