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Policy Response to Climate Change - Essay Example

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The paper “Policy Response to Climate Change” analyzes the specific actions that government should take to deal with climate change. These actions should be described in sufficient detail to show that you understand what is involved in the policy that you are recommending…
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Policy Response to Climate Change
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Extract of sample "Policy Response to Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages Laws are virtually of no use if there are no regulatory bodies to ensure the laws are enforced. These regulatory bodies would, among other things, visit industries and other sources where carbon emissions are recorded in worse quantities. They would check to confirm that the laws and regulations set in the laws are adhered to.
III. Education and Sensitization: More to the regulation of laws, there should be measures to educate the public and sensitize them on climate change. It is hoped that with massive education, the people will have personal and political will to ensure that they adhere to the need to ensure that there is not much production of carbon in the environment. Such education will be carried out in schools and in public places.
IV. Enforcement of Law: Regardless of the activities of the regulatory bodies and the education and sensitizations that will take place, there are certainly going to be people and bodies who would attempt to break the laws. To such people, the laws must be applied. They must be forced to face the full rigors of the law. Laws without enforcement are only toothless bulldogs and this must not happen. There should be enforcements that would ensure that others are deterred from breaking the laws.
I. Educating stakeholders and the public on climate change, its risks and how to avoid it: This policy will target the education of the masses on what climate change is, its causes and its effects. It is hoped that when the people gain enough education on the phenomenon, they will be empowered to be patriotic enough in ensuring that their actions and inactions do not lead to climate changes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policy Response to Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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