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The research paper "Global Climate Change: Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami " discusses the climate change influences all three things; the atmosphere, ocean as well as the earth’s crust. The writer of this paper thinks that a better option is the reduction of global warming…
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Global Climate Change: Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami
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Download file to see previous pages The day it happened in Japan, was probably doomsday for the people who experienced it and did not survive the disaster. The blow took away Tohoku-Oki and the Fukushima nuclear reactors beyond the expectations of the scientists. It was recently released that the earth had been shaken beneath the ocean 50 meters in the lateral direction and 16 meters in the vertical direction in March 2011. The extent of the recorded size of the earthquake was not precise although the reading showed was almost 9.0. The stretch of the tectonic plate was so vast that it that it changed the entire local stress pattern of the plates on its way (Fischetti, 2011).
Scientists are, however, aware that the climate change influences all three things; the atmosphere, ocean as well as the earth’s crust. This fact is not digestible to the public at large (Mims, 2011). If this is true, then the climate change is adversely going to affect Japan’s resources and cause disparity in the species of the ocean. Livestock and crops will be damaged by the rise in temperature. Economic activities in the coastal Japan will become pretentious and increased global temperature will naturally cause dehydration of plantation, which will result in death of forestation. Not only that, the entire country may become a victim of tropical diseases. If there is still denial in the understanding that the global climate change has been causing these disasters then more convincing researchers need to be released to the general public so that the issue is taken seriously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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