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Critical Evaluation of the Impacts of Smoke-Free Legislation of the Government on the Adult Non-Smokers of Scotland - Thesis Example

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This paper focused on the Impacts of Smoke-Free Legislation of the Government on the Adult Non-Smokers of Scotland. The paper funded by NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Executive, Sally J Haw and Laurence Gruer…
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Critical Evaluation of the Impacts of Smoke-Free Legislation of the Government on the Adult Non-Smokers of Scotland
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Extract of sample "Critical Evaluation of the Impacts of Smoke-Free Legislation of the Government on the Adult Non-Smokers of Scotland"

Download file to see previous pages The researchers successfully deal with the comprehensiveness of the topic of their study. Though previous researches on the air quality of the public places of Scotland refer to the subsequent impact of the smoke-free legislation, their acute limitation was that they do not tell much about the impacts on the private places. Haw and Gruer’s comprehensive approach to the research topic pertinently includes the exposure of non-smokers in private places. Such a comprehensive approach to the changes in exposure aids the readers to achieve an overall picture of the change in exposure.

Another thing is remarkable that the researchers are more concerned to prove the consistency of the findings of their paper with other studies than to clarify the concepts of “exposure to second-hand smoke” (Haw & Gruer, 2007: 549) and the parameters of “change” that they are dealing in the paper. Significantly their paper lacks an efficient literature review that could have clarified the outline of their research topic and another related concept. Also, it lacks a sufficient literature review to support its methodology and other approaches to the research topic.

Appropriateness and Validity of Methodology. Haw and Gruer do not tell anything about ethical approval by an ethics committee. Also, they do not describe the maintenance of ethical issues for the paper. As to the research method, Haw and Gruer chose the cross-sectional approach for their research. But the flaw within their methodological approach is that though in the first place they chose the cross-sectional method, they used longitudinal data also. Though they expressed the aim of the study as “to measure the change in adult non-smokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke in public and private places after smoke-free legislation was implemented in Scotland” (Haw & Gruer, 2007: 549), they failed to clarify the dichotomy between longitudinal and cross-sectional changes in exposure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Evaluation of the Impacts of Smoke-Free Legislation of the Go Thesis.
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