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Security Incident in the Airport - Case Study Example

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 In this paper, researchers are going to look at a case study of a security lapse in the LAX airport. According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that it is very important for any airport to maintain it's security. This is because airports are the entry points to the country…
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Security Incident in the Airport
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Extract of sample "Security Incident in the Airport"

Download file to see previous pages As the saying goes; prevention is better than cure. The incident that happened at the lax airport should have been prevented. This could have evaded the delay in flights and the losses that the passengers encountered as a result of the delay. The man who sneaked in terminal four with a backpack should have been seen before he attempted the stunt. The first thing that could have been done to prevent this problem is keeping all access to the terminals checked. There should be only one access to the terminals for all civilians with all other access that are used by staff manned by security personnel all the time. These accesses should be given limited access and should be used if necessary. These are not only the access that the man could have used. In addition, fire escapes should be kept shut at all times unless there is a fire emergency. Security in and around the airport should be buffed up and agents advised to control the human traffic in the airport and be on the lookout for suspicious people. When a situation like that happens, an airport the first thing is to ensure the safety of all the people at the airport. Since it’s not known the intention of the man trespassing to terminal 4, shutting down the terminal is a good option. The next step would be to bring more security personnel to the terminal to control the crowd. Since the terminal is shut down many will want to move out of the terminal using the lifts and escalators. This presents another danger to the people in the terminal. Shutting down the escalators and lifts will ensure that there will be no accidents caused in these areas. Trying to get an order in the chaos will be hard but will be the only way to ensure that every one is out of risk. The other step will be to arrest the man who trespassed and ascertain the danger that he posed. This will help erasure the passengers that the danger that was posed has been controlled and everyone needs to be checked again. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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