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Review Of A Musical Performance - Essay Example

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The author of an essay "Review Of A Musical Performance" specializes that biggest and the most exciting is the opportunity that the administration gives to students, who are talented in music to display their talent and even promote their talent…
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Review Of A Musical Performance
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Extract of sample "Review Of A Musical Performance"

Review of a musical performance The audience was thrilled as they waited the moment of the hour. It was going to be anight of party and dancing. Every year, students are usually excited about this moment where they say bye to the old and welcome the new. End year concert signifies a lot to the students, most of whom cannot wait to graduate to the next class, and to the final years, graduate to a new environment. The year-end concert is usually dedicated to the students themselves, who have the opportunity and privilege to display what they have. Biggest and the most exciting is the opportunity that the administration gives to students, who are talented in music to display their talent and even promote their talent. End year party is usually a concert that all campus talented musicians look forward. Apart from the students who form the largest part of the audience, the administration invites some of the greatest music producers who at the end of the concert choose the best performance. The best performance gets a free recording of their album, which is usually accompanied by musical training.
Considering the tight competition, the audience is always sure of getting the best from every performance. From the look of the audience, some come mainly to be entertained while others come to support their preferred artist. Jeers and cheers are depending on how the audience takes it usually accompany the performance. Every year, the concert grows bigger and bigger with new and raw talent. Students are usually packed in the auditorium hours before the main performance. This is done to ensure that none misses on good space view or single performance. Before the concern officially begins, students can be heard talking among themselves while others are busy browsing their phones. However, on the announcement of the first performances the mood changes abruptly as every eye is fixed on the podium. The show is usually full of many surprises, fun and a lot of laughter. The various music producers can be seen in their notebooks, recording what they feel is relevant to them as they discuss among themselves. The thrill of the performers as they jump from one corner of the podium to the other is refreshing.
A keen look at the performing artist, we notice that his thrill increases when the crowd cheers and cools a little bit when there is a jeer. The behavior really proves that the success of an artist largely depends on the number of fans that enjoy their music. This kept me thinking about the kind of music that is common in our radio stations and even TV screen. With the changing generations, the young people look forward to something that has the thrill and is more entertaining other than just any music. Young people are drawn towards music that will ignite their energy and make them dance their feet out, irrespective of the message communicated (McNamara & Mary 229). The performance is not like any other music competition where there are judges to give their views on what they thought about the artist. Even though the guest producers pick names of artist, there is no mention of the criteria that was used to choose, all that remains the secret of the producers. As the dust settles down on the performances, the auditorium is almost empty. Most people slip away when they feel they have had enough or when their favorite artist has already performed.
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McNamara, Linda, and Mary E. Ballard. "Resting arousal, sensation seeking, and music preference." Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs 125.3 (1999): 229. Read More
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Review Of A Musical Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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