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Love and marrage for normal people and gay &lesbian marrige - Essay Example

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For example the need of feeding our bodies, and the need of sleeping. We cannot ignore that without obeying our body needs; we might be the major reason to begin a disease or failing of our immune system. However, a highlighted…
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Love and marrage for normal people and gay &lesbian marrige
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Download file to see previous pages In your childhood, age all what you ask your parents for is love. A trophy for a little child is a kiss. In addition, when you get angry at children forgiveness for them is a huge. All that they understand is your emotions even if they cannot talk. They become very emotional as they grow up. When a child is three years old he or she become jealous, they want their parents to show this love only for them. At that time, the child is more emotional than any time before. Moreover, they get angry with you when you show love to their older or younger siblings. When Bell Hooks said” I talked to large audiences and even had wee one- on- one conversation with children about the way they think about love”(Yagelski, 256). She mentioned children because the angle they looked at love is concerned with care and trust. Considering children in love, is like defining love as pour emotions that start from youth until our hair is white.
Love continuous in it is different stages as we go older. A teenager believes in love as a boyfriend or as a girlfriend. They have a different definition than the one that children had. However, some of them believe that love is all about sex. Moreover, they are confused between love and admiration. However, the presence of love still exists. Not to mention that in this age they become very emotional and sensitive. Teenagers feel that nobody understands them; they feel that the parent’s marriage atmosphere is not suitable for them. Some scientific theories say that they do not manage to control their emotions at this age. In fact, all that they think of in this age is seeking for love. The confusion that drives them to be emotional is due to the fact of building their selves. At this age, you realize what is your interest or what are your goals that you want to approach when you get older.
As you become grown, and you get older, you recognize the real definition of love. You understand that love is an endless ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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