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The Descriptive Aspects of the Novel Silas Marner - Essay Example

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The author adequately describes the farmhouses through the spinning wheels. The occupants of the bottom of the hills are described as relatives of a race that was disinherited, because of their small body size…
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The Descriptive Aspects of the Novel Silas Marner
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Extract of sample "The Descriptive Aspects of the Novel Silas Marner"

Download file to see previous pages During the twentieth century, individuals considered their community very important. The local village or town provided emotional and material support to the community members. The community gives members a sense of identity, through community discussions and gatherings (Eliot, 1861).
The third point shows appropriate character destiny in the story. The plot is viewed as mechanistic on several occasions because the major characters are given just rewards or punishments in the story. Godfrey, for example, succeeds in marrying Nancy but they remain childless. Also, Silas becomes the most popular person in the community and lives in total happiness after adopting Eppie. The moral order in the community is clearly stated in the novel plot. Despite living alone for a long time, Silas has a good heart. This is illustrated by his kind gestures towards adopting Eppie after her mother’s death. This moral behavior is adequately rewarded because the relationship between Silas and Eppie is good and they remain a happy family. The concept of faith and community are related as shown in the novel. The community initially rejects and isolates Silas; however, he is later on embraced by the same community due o his acceptable conduct in the society. When Silas reduced his faith in the community, he was isolated from key social organizations like the church (Eliot, 1861).
The novel utilizes the natural world to develop metaphors and images. The isolation of Silas is compared to that of a spider which is a very solitary insect. Silas becomes confused after he is robbed. He is, therefore, compared to an ant that becomes confused when its pathway is blocked. The domestic space of Silas is intruded or disrupted in the novel. The isolation of Silas is ensured through the closure of his cottage, from other community members. Silas cottage becomes bright when he and Eppie become a happy family. Social class aspects feature greatly in the story. The English society during the 19th century was socially stratified.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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