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Argue a thesis that answers the following question: What particular features of Blackfish make it (or do not make it) worth seeing - Essay Example

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The movie touches mainly on Tilikum, an orca held in captivity for killing three people, and other orcas that are associated with killing people. Among the people that are claimed to have been…
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Argue a thesis that answers the following question: What particular features of Blackfish make it (or do not make it) worth seeing
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Extract of sample "Argue a thesis that answers the following question: What particular features of Blackfish make it (or do not make it) worth seeing"

Download file to see previous pages In connection with this assertion, the paper aims at expounding on specific features of Blackfish that make it not worth seeing (Bradshaw, 2013). It will also touch on the features that make the movie worth seeing. In addressing this, the paper will explain on how excessive lies in the script of this movie make it unrealistic. It will explain on the relationship between the life span of whales with that of man in addition to the actual physical features of male Orcas (Bradshaw, 2013). It will expound on how some happenings in the movie were out of the contest despite being included in the final production by the producers.
In the open sequence, the film misleads the audience into affirming that Ms. Brancheau swum together with Tilikum prior to the deadly incident through synching innocuous training as well as performance footage with 911 calls. In connection with this assertion, it is apparent that neither Ms. Brancheau nor Tilikum were swimming in the opening of the sequence. Additionally, it is evident that no attack of any kind was depicted in the opening of the sequence. In support of this assertion, it is true that none was allowed to swim in the water together with Tilikum from the date he arrived at the SeaWorld. Thus, Ms. Brancheau was not killed by Tilikum because she did not swim with him.
It is also very disturbing when a person promotes a bad behavior in the society. Unfortunately, this is well expounded in the movie. In tandem with this assertion, it is evidenced in the movie that the dysfunctional behavior of Tilikum made him a celebrity. It is as a result of his uncouth character that its owners decided to breed him so that he can have many descendants not only in the parks, but also in the world. The main reason for breeding Tilikum by its owners was to ensure that its descendants have inherited similar tendencies in addition to being kept in the same conditions.
A lot of hypocrisy is evidenced in the movie. For instance, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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