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Explain an interesting case, using concepts (sexuality, racism, consumerism, patriotism) - Essay Example

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The concept of sexuality relates to being either male or female. Sexuality can be expressed through values, beliefs, attitudes,…
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Explain an interesting case, using concepts (sexuality, racism, consumerism, patriotism)
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Download file to see previous pages In its broad perspective, the concept of racism encompasses practices and ideologies that aim to justify the unequal privileges among people of different racial backgrounds. As a socio-economic ideology and order, consumerism promotes the acquisition of services and goods in a way that is ever increasing. The cultural attachment to a persons homeland and the devotion to their country describe the concept of patriotism. However, the application of the notion varies with geography, political ideology and context. Much literature has been written to explain the connection between these various concepts.
Sexuality in the modern society has taken a different direction and has become a different concept in which pornography and exposure of ones privacy are permissible acts. Paris Hilton is described as a highly sexualised, narcissistic, and spoiled person who goes after nothing else than fame. However, what connects sexuality to Pornography and the influence of the modern technology? Undoubtedly, the concept of sexuality has been abused. The past is not anything pleasing to Paris. Like many other people in the American history, Paris wanted to become somebody else in the present times (Gwynne and Müller 21). Sexuality was taking a different direction in the modern times relative to its ancient conceptualization. Probably, modernity and technology can bear the blame for such dramatic changes. Paris’ privileged position in the hereditary aristocracy in America is contrasted with the tension that emanates from her celebrity status. Wealth is said to influence the articulation of a persons attainment of individuality in a given culture rather than being the distinction between stars and the other society members. Just like a celebrity, sexuality is about image. The identity of celebrities that is at times unattainable and inherited but nevertheless admired for imitation and acquisition.
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