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The disilluusionment of an american physician by sandeep jauhar - Essay Example

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Sandeep Jauhar, through the book the disillusionment of an American physician gives a glimpse of what the profession holds for any aspiring doctor or for one who is already practicing…
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The disilluusionment of an american physician by sandeep jauhar
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Extract of sample "The disilluusionment of an american physician by sandeep jauhar"

Download file to see previous pages This book was preceded with another one, Intern which addressed the story from the perspective of any other new person in the field who comes to the field with high expectation only to realize that things are not as they seem out there. After acknowledging that there are challenges, the book, disillusionment of an American physician emphasizes on the need for urgent reform within the sector something that i have also witnessed in professional life. Dr. Jauhar brevity is particularly evident. For example he addresses corruption in the book. It is true that corruption is prevalent and that implies that only the rich get the good services at the expense of the poor in our health care system (Jauhar, 2014).
Reading through the book, one gets the feel of what awaits in the real practice. One understands that, what is taught at medical school may not be very practical because some aspects of what is taught in school are not found in real practice. Dr. Jauhar gives an account of how insurance companies are supposed to be begged to make payments for patients, some of whom are in critical conditions and this goes to show how the society has become to self centered. Through the book, one gets a feel of the kind of relationship that exist between the doctors and the patients in the real world; this is evident through numerous accounts of patients who sometimes insist on certain types of treatment even in cases when the doctors do not agree.
The significance of the book is highlighted in the author’s ability to face the truth to the extent of showcasing the unscrupulous nature of some doctors in the profession; for example, the author talks of the story of Dr. Chaudtry’ that has private practice. Like any other doctors of his time, he is faced with declining remuneration, numerous laws suits longed against hospitals and doctors and fraudulent insurance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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