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He authored "Kluger: The Human Mind Haphazard Evolution” and “Guitar Zero: The Art of Becoming Musical Irrespective of Age.”
Gary Marcus sources are…
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Source evaluation
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Gary Marcus is the author of the article “Moral Machines.” Gary is a Professor of Psychology at New York University. He authored "Kluger: The Human Mind Haphazard Evolution” and “Guitar Zero: The Art of Becoming Musical Irrespective of Age.”
Gary Marcus sources are reliable. Having authored many articles on famous media platforms like the New Yorker and others, his pieces are acceptable. For the Moral Machines, Garys sources are drawn from Google company websites, secondary sources like world newspapers. Being a renowned psychologist, Gary has the ability to use these sources to envision the future vehicles and predict what he thinks will pass to be.
Moral Machines was published on 24th November, 2012 by Gary o New Yorker. The article was published online and can be read at The topic of study is the future vehicles, the science of driverless vehicles. The article has never been revised since it was authored and has been read by hundreds of thousands of readers globally.
In some way, the writer’s prediction of new the driverless vehicles has remained true since 2012. The dream of safe driverless vehicles is about to be a mass reality. One point about robots being sent to the military front, he is biased at one point: "immune from sleep-deprivation and panic." This is not true because the person directing the robot and bombing the enemy have to be awake full time to watch the victory and see the disturbing, horrific deaths on the ground.
Academic Convention
The author has taken into consideration the benefits of robots study, a driverless study in the context of the learners.
Marcus, G. (2012). ‘Moral Machines’, New Yorker, 24th November 2012 Read More
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