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Why dieting ultimately leads to weight gain - Essay Example

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These girls and women are motivated by the urge to remain slim and prevent the occurrence of overweight and obese cases. There are…
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Why dieting ultimately leads to weight gain
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Download file to see previous pages The effects of dieting have surprised many scientists prompting them to indulge in further research to determine the psychological and physiological processes that cause the paradox observed with dieting. It is unfortunate that many people obsessed with dieting only lose weight for some time and are likely to regain more weight after a while. This paper will discuss some of the mechanisms that contribute to weight gain during dieting.
Dieting denotes a pattern of regulated and restricted eating with the purpose of losing weight or preventing weight gain. In an era where obesity rates are soaring each year, many people consider dieting as a viable solution. To understand why dieting may trigger weight gain, it is important to consider the normal metabolic process. Food consumed by an individual undergoes a rigorous process of chemical transformation with the objective of producing energy. Naturally, some people have a faster metabolic rate while in others the rate may prove to be slower (Lowe, 2015). Individuals with a faster metabolic rate have an advantage because all the food they consume is burnt down completely. However, individuals with a slow metabolic rate may experience increased fat accumulation because the body lacks the capacity to break down all the food consumed.
The dietary pattern affects the normal metabolic rates. Some people practicing dieting avoid meals with high amounts of carbohydrates or fats. Nutritionists have highlighted that consuming lesser amounts of fats prompt the body to preserve fats for the future. Therefore, after a meal, the body adjusts the metabolic rates to preserve fats for the future. Many people who practice restricted eating are likely to consume more food in one go. Since the body is starved, it loses its ability to control satiety (Lowe, Doshi, Katterman, & Feig, 2013). Therefore, an individual is likely to consume more than the required calories. When ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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