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After trying to establish the ideas of Grace Nichol’s “One Continent/To Another” and Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart,” I have established that there is relative ease in identifying the main idea of a poem than of a novel. The lengths of the chapters of the novel…
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, even from the heading of the poem itself, I could guess that there was some Translocation or migration taking place. The poem consolidates the theme of the present and past in her demonstration of the movement of slaves in a precise manner that interests her ultimate audience. Contra wise, comprehending the novel chapters in a bid to extract the main idea was hectic. I had to read many lines and chapters to realize the perception of Africans as held by the Europeans. Indeed, the analysis of the two readings differed significantly from the analysis of Orientalism. It is because Orientalism of Edward is written based on facts and reality that should not be overemphasized or undermined. As opposed to two literary pieces that contain literary devices that the audience can make assumption about while interpreting, Orientalism is a unique literary piece that restricts the reader in accepting a central opinion based on the existing facts it presents.
The opening of the reading, “Things Fall Apart” is of specific interest and needs consideration. The opening pattern of a novel or narrative should be effective to attract the audiences of the text to the body of the novel. Indeed, a book that presents a narrative about the life of a character or characters in the opening section of the story is significant in introducing the situations and themes in the text. Specifically, Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” begins with the story of Okonkwo and his late father, Unoka. It presents the situation of Okonkwo as a respected leader of the Igbo community located in Eastern Nigeria. The story covered the life of the character in the past when he brought glory to the village through wrestling Amalinze the Cat to the ground. From that instance, his reputation grew significantly across the Umuofia’s nine villages. Besides, the story exposes his character, for example, his nature of getting angered quickly. When ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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