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Everyday experience shows humanity the necessity of successful attempts for the reaching of life purposes. Although everyone sees his or her life destination from different perspective, all men set…
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Tattoos on the heart report
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Download file to see previous pages matter, Father Gregory Boyle’s philosophy of unquestionable faith in his homies’ ultimately success appears to be of a particular value on the assumption of the specific group of people he works with.
Father Gregory Boyle is a pastor at Dolores Mission Church who has wished to work with the poor. As a result, Boyle is a central religious figure and a key spiritual advisor of gang members at a gang heart of LA. His treatment of his charges cannot be perceived as quite ordinary, for he gives them the love of Jesus from the very naming them as homies instead of another negatively connoted name bearing their true nature of people engaged with criminality. In fact, Father Boyle or just G, as he is known among the gang, strongly believes in their ability to improve and purge of sins through penance and burning attempts of spiritual cultivation. People who really want to become better in all senses and who act for this without breaks may change their personality beyond recognition. This is the very point where we support manifestation of Father Boyle. Spiritual self-perfecting must be a life purpose of the whole humanity for the improvement of the whole world. Nevertheless, there is another aspect of the issue, namely: the number of chances for success – how many times person must fail before a positive result. Furthermore, the issue of a particular meaning of numerous efforts and possible misfortunes arises. The process of change, especially change for the better after negative activities, can be extremely power-taking. In fact, there is a possibility of giving up the self-improvement by people if there is no vivid result or the procedure itself is hard in moral sense (in terms of readjusting of life principles or views). In such a context, the primary aim of spiritual self-improvement is not seen in its completely positive meaning any longer, and men return to their adverse way of life. But as it is obvious from Boyle’s experience the highest faith in people, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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