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Close Analysis - Assignment Example

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Having been one of the collections in “Conan’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” the story is one of the skillfully articulated…
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Close Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages es that Sir Doyle, captures in his text and uses to reveal some of the hidden facts about the lives of the characters in a way that teaches his audiences real life lessons relevant to other characters in the story and readers today. In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” the theme of truth has appeared severally with characters showing unique reactions after learning of the real facts about their lives.
Arthur Conan Doyle explains how Mrs. Helen Stone’s reacts to being told the truth of how her twin sister died. Even though we are not directly told how she learned of it, Mrs. Helen responds in a way that depicts that she hates her stepfather for hiding the truth from her. However, she trusted that she would be in London as Sherlock Holmes continues with his investigations. Moreover, when Mrs. Helen is given the information that Sherlock and Watson came to meet her stepfather, she finds out that she was followed by her father to London. This fact made Helen suspicious of her stepfather and lost confidence in him. In real life, this happens such that family members hide information from each other, occurrences that creates enmity between them once the truth comes out. The relationship between Mrs. Helen and her stepfather was undermined after Helen discovered the truth about him. Such instances have been frequent in the modern day leading to family breaking-ups.
In a more spectacular way, the characters surrounding Mrs. Hellen also emphasize on the theme of truth as they hid the real cause of death of her twin sister. Though she was relieved that she came to know the truth about her sister’s death, she felt bitter that she was given the wrong information. She also came to known that the information that her stepfather used a snake to murder her sister was ironical. It made her sad especially that her stepfather killed her. “Though, of course, she is still sad to learn how her sister has been murdered by their stepfather” this text shows the reaction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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