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The Damned Human Race - Essay Example

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Mark Twain essay of The Dammed Human Race is a successful as he uses the right arguments to show how human race uses their moral sense to do what is wrong, as it is evident from his experiments and arguments. His proofs and arguments through ethos really shows that human race…
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The Damned Human Race
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Extract of sample "The Damned Human Race"

Download file to see previous pages To start with, his gains credibility through his proves that man is crueler as opposed to the other species. This is witnessed when he observed that, men hunted and killed seventy-two buffalo for sport and used only half leaving seventy-one and half buffalos to rot. To show the difference between man and other species he put seven young calves in a café, a reptile eats only one of them and does not harm the rest, and despite doing the same with other species, the result remained the same. He further shows cruelty of human race as his the only species that tries to eliminate his own kind by slaughtering strangers of his own kind as it was witnessed in the Zulu war by prince Napoleon and in day today in Afghanistan and Iraq a trait that no other species possess. Through this arguments and use of ethos and pathos, it is evident that Man is crueler as opposed to other species, which makes him less as compared to other species (Twain and Nicholls)
The trait of greedy is also evident in the human race as opposed to other races. This is observed when he uses an example of gathering habits of man as compared to those of animals. Human race accumulated more millions of money and still have a great desire for more even more that they will never use in their lifetime but is just to appease their desire. Animals have the same chance to accumulate as much food as they can, but they gather only what they need for their survival, this was witnessed in animals like Squirrels, bees, birds and ants. Through his well-argued example, the human race is greedy but other species are not, and this also makes his essay a successful one (Twain and Watson).
The human race is also the species that show slavery. Slavery has been witnessed in the scramble for land by use of force and bloodshed. This slavery never ended but is still practiced in one way or other. Man has always been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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