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In God's Grandeur by Hopkins and Ozymandias by Shelley, which speaker makes a more convincing argument against human ambition How does he do it - Essay Example

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Hopkins lived to witness the industrial revolution a factor that made him have concerns about the effect of the revolution on man’s…
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In God's Grandeur by Hopkins and Ozymandias by Shelley, which speaker makes a more convincing argument against human ambition How does he do it

Download file to see previous pages... The speaker discusses the message he received from a traveler about a sculpture in Egypt. Evidently, both poems give attention to human ambitions, although in different perspectives. This paper will highlight how each poem develops a convincing argument against human ambition. Evidently, the speakers in each poem are against human ambition, as this paper will depict.
In the poem titled Gods Grandeur, the speaker says, “The world is charged with the grandeur of God/ It will flame out, like shining from shook foil; / It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil” (1-3). In these three lines, the speaker suggests that God’s glory has evidently filled the world, causing it to shine and flair. In addition, God’s glory causes intense flashes of light to be evident on the earth. The speaker compares God’s greatness and His works on earth to an electric current charging the earth. However, after introducing the measure of God’s greatness exhibited on the earth, the speaker goes forth to discuss how human beings do not heed God’s spirit but rather choose to destroy the earth. The speaker says the following,
In the above lines, the speaker pinpoints how different generations have been working on the earth with their activities having negative effects on the earth. It is unfortunate that human beings have occupied different parts of the earth and immensely destroyed nature. For example, during the industrial revolution, all the vegetation was cut down and tall buildings replaced the tree. The speaker makes it evident that human beings have lost any connection to nature. He uses the last line in that stanza to highlight that human beings wear shoes that serve as a barrier between their feet and the earth. For this reason, it becomes impossible for human beings to remember the advantages of living in harmony with nature.
In the second stanza, the speaker highlights how God’s greatness keeps renewing the earth despite the destruction caused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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