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The journey of Irish immigrants surviving - Research Paper Example

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“Our calculations from the General Social Survey show that she white American adults are asked ‘What country or part of the world did your ancestors come from?’92 percent can name a specific country or part of the world, and 89.4 percent of those names a European…
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The journey of Irish immigrants surviving
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Extract of sample "The journey of Irish immigrants surviving"

Download file to see previous pages It will not be incorrect to state that millions of people were migrated to America in different cities but majority came and settled in New York because it was the largest city in America. In addition, immigrants came with a hope that they will live in a free country and they had this hope that they will live in their dream America. The reason was that America was economically stable at that time and there were various opportunities to earn money. However, the local people didn’t want to work immigrants in their country and live a better life than them. It was because the local Americans were not able to accept the fact people from other country can lead them and can be better than them. The Americans disregarded Irish people and treated them as poor people2.
Irish immigrants wanted to achieve the dream American life like other Americans were having in their homeland. It was the reason due to which they were working hard to get the desired life. Though, it was difficult for them but they were trying hard by focusing on the education and seeking jobs for them. However, they were unable to get their desired life because they were not accepted by the local Americans3.
Thoughts above occurred me when I stepped into the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. It looks like a normal old building from the outside. I stood at the outside for a while when the guide described the museum for me. All the Irish immigrants lived in the building and the costumers of the bar on the first floor shared only three toilets. People lived here before had to carried whole baskets of water themselves from the first floor to fifth floor. The basket now was filled with the same amount of weight of stones instead to let me try how heavy the basket was before. It was really heavy, and I knew that I couldn’t even make it to the second floor.
Then I got into the room, and almost ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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