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Fossil Fuel - Assignment Example

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The organism’s age and the fossil fuel’s results are typically million years, and some exceed 650 million years (Diaz-Maurin & Kovacic,…
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Fossil Fuel
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Download file to see previous pages The theory got used in the biogenic theory of dead plants fossil remains exposed to pressure and heat in the earth crust for several million years.
Currently, there are several uses for oil, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels are of great significance since they can be burned to produce great energy per unit weight amounts. Coal gets often used as fuel. Mostly coal is used in running metal ore melting furnaces. When natural gas is flared off as petroleum’s unneeded byproduct, it becomes a valuable resource. The natural gas is the key source of helium. Lastly, the fossil oils are often employed in internal combustion engines and fossil fuel power stations among others (Sovacool, 2008).
Fossil fuels are the key energy sources though they still cause disastrous effects like air pollution when over consumption occurs. Burning of fossil fuels emits nitrogen monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, etc. that may cause severe implications on the habitats. Additionally, they also impact human health. First, fossil fuels result in pollution of the environment. When burnt, they emit carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas increase global warming. The earth’s temperature also increases as a result of melting polar ice caps, the low lying areas flood and sea levels rise due to fossil fuels. Thus, these conditions have resulted in drastic changes on earth (Jim, 2009).
Secondly, fossil fuel results to acid rains. The acid rains are as a result of the sulphur dioxide produced during combustion of the gases. The rains cause monuments destructions, and even crops get affected due to the loams acidification. Additionally, the natural gases result to nasty smells and create problems during transportation as it spills overseas.
Thirdly, human’s health gets affected as a result of the fossil fuels. The ozone layer is slowly getting worn out due to the greenhouse gases released from the fuels. Thus, as a result, the ozone holes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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