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Film analysis paper - Essay Example

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Addicted, a Hollywood movie of 2014, explains the concepts of interpersonal communication. Addicted centers around Zoe’s marriage to Jason, which is facing a lot of marital constraints due to Zoe’s sex addiction. As a…
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Film analysis paper
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Download file to see previous pages The final concept is Zoe’s lack of openness to the therapist. These concepts will be explored in the film, and their application in the film will be determined. The consequences of this concept to the relationship will be determined (Lanham and Rowman 5).
The most evident concept seen in this film is Zoe’s sex addiction. Sex addiction is the escalating and persistence in sexual engagement in spite of an increase in negative consequences to others or oneself. Just like another addiction efforts to stop this addiction can be in vain. This concept of sex addiction is observed in the initial scenes of the movie, right after Zoe visits Quinton Canosa. During her visit, she gets attracted to Quentin, the owner of Quinton Canosa. Their first meeting begins, and this is even more evident when Zoe takes the contract papers to him to sign for the beginning of their business partnership. Interestingly, this turns out to be a sexual connection for them (Lanham and Rowman 12).
The concept of sex addiction is well applied in the film. Zoe is not fully satisfied with her husband and instead of talking things out she decides to look for comfort elsewhere. Zoe often meets up with Quinton where she finds the satisfaction of her addiction. She does this over and over, and even spends time at work thinking about her meetings with Quinton. It affects her devotion to her career during one time she is set to meet with a client at a hotel, but she fails to turn up on time. She then arrives very late when the client is leaving and lies that her daughter fell sick. Addiction consequently affects Zoë’s relationship with her kids since she even misses out on occasions that are important to her children with excuses of being sick and sometimes having a lot of work in the office. However, this constant meeting with Quinton increases her addiction. She one time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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