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The culture high - Movie Review Example

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It seems that every argument has already been discussed, proved, and critiqued, however, as long as the public opposition of the prohibition exists, the new material will continue appearing. Such is “The Culture High”…
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The culture high
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Download file to see previous pages Although the position supported in a film is arguable, its creators did a good work to make “The Culture High” informative and engaging to watch.
The plot of the film is centered on the discussion of the current status of marijuana in the United States with its creators openly arguing for marijuana legalization. A significant part the film is dedicated to explaining the side of proponents of legalization, who state that marijuana is not more dangerous or harmful than alcohol, but its prohibition allows underground business and cartels to prosper and conduct more violence. As it is argued, “marijuana does not cause lung cancer while more than 5 millions annually die from tobacco worldwide.” (The Culture High) Further, it is exposed that criminalization of marijuana can be linked to the government and other private organizations making profit from it by massively incarcerating the population. However, at this time, other sectors of the economy are in need of funds. Since President Richard Nixon declared the “War on Drugs”, millions were imprisoned on minor marijuana charges. (The Culture High) As a result, rose the need for private prisons, which according to Howard Bloom, “make it profitable to incarcerate people” (The Culture High) Subsequently, it is suggested that marijuana prohibition is needless, but is still maintained not for the sake of keeping order in the society and protecting a common citizen, but for continuing militarization of the police forces and gaining profit while denying Americans their rights, manipulating and misleading them.
Although “The Culture High” mostly operates with popular arguments, it is quite informative for a person who is not an adept at the issue being raised. From one side, the film contains much information that has been actively and often discussed in the media, leaving little space for a kind of a discovery to be made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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