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Organ sale - Essay Example

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On the other hand, their supply is still very low. The number of patients succumbing due to failure to have a vital organ transplant has thus increased. The irony is that a good number of the…
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Organ sale
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Download file to see previous pages It is time the government legalized the sale of organs. Legalization of organ sales will lower vital organs-related deaths boosting the supply of such organs, eliminating illicit organ markets, allowing access to cheaper organ transplant, and compensate donors, as revealed from the Iranian system of organ transplantation.
The demand for organs is overwhelming, and yet the supply is far more muted. Right now, over 85,000 people in U.S. alone are on the list of those waiting for organs (Calandrillo 72). Out of these, a majority (about 60,000) requires a kidney, 17,000 are in desperate need of a liver, 4,000 are hoping for a lung while 3,500 are desperate for a heart. The organs are the most important for the survival of any human being. Any defect in them can shorten a person’s life within a short period. The patients on the waitlist thus urgently need them as they are living on borrowed time. However, the supply of these organs is shockingly far much less. Calandrillo says that the year 2003 saw organs harvest from only 13,000 individuals to facilitate the mere 25,000 transplants in the U.S. (72). It means that the many patients who were not successful to get a required organ sadly died.
Ironically, the painful shortage is because a majority of the organs goes to the grave when the owners die. A lack of donation-appropriate organs is not a primary cause. A bumper sticker once read, “Please do not take your organs with you to heaven. Heaven understands that we are desperate for them here on the earth” (The Economist). Each year witnesses many Americans die in ways that would make it possible for an organ harvest. For example, some die in road accidents, others due to heart attacks and strokes, but organs come from only a few of the possible donors. In fact, about 75% of the Americans are not ready to donate organ upon their death. Hence, the remaining percentage that have opted to offer an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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