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Good Writing - Essay Example

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This paper, Good Writing, stresses that the reporter's writing skills and trends have improved significantly this semester. He has uncovered strength and weaknesses after reflecting on and comparing his most recent writings with the early ones this semester. …
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Good Writing
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Extract of sample "Good Writing"

Download file to see previous pages I discovered that writing this semester raised my confidence in high school educational writing. My style of writing at the beginning of the semester was not the same as the one I used recently. I was able to master a collegiate style of writing on a high school project individually. In spite of this mastery, lasted three assists couples for this class truly challenge me to maintain my choice of words a high school level while maintaining an intriguing flow, content, and structure. In retrospect, the first essay that I composed this semester was a rough guide to the new style of academic writing that I was to integrate into my writing soon and master it. After reading the first three papers I composed this semester, I discovered that my focus was not enforcing other writers’ ideas. Instead, my focus was grasping new ways of articulating my ideas successfully.
The introduction and ending of my first essays this semester were sections for me to demonstrate this new skill properly. More precisely, I posed questions for the reader to ponder on reading the rest of the essay or simply reflecting on its message. The only way to peek into the interest of the reader was to address him or her directly. This style of writing was a strong suit at the beginning of the semester. However, I cannot continue this writing style in the future since much of the work may not involve addressing readers directly or posing questions.
The second strong suit that I discovered in my writing was taking into account the significance of using drafts during the onset of the writing process. I was not familiar with ways to exploit the revision practice before learning the skill of clarifying and polishing my ideas for writing. I became more accustomed to using drafts for revision purposes after writing six more research papers and before completing the final paper.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Good Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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