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Year 8-Text in Context: Holocaust Study. (Portfolio Task 1) - Essay Example

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It is about a fourteen year old boy named Alexander Altman who is tattooed the number A10567 on his arm. In this book, several themes are clearly brought out. These themes include, war, survival,…
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Year 8-Text in Context: Holocaust Study. (Portfolio Task 1)
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Download file to see previous pages “Don’t let her know you are scared’’. Alexander’s father had said to him the first time he had sat on Sari’s back. It is obvious that a fourteen year old boy will be scared to be on a horse’s back for the first time. But alexander Altmann knew that in order to survive Auschwitz, he had to toughen up and showing a little bit of fear would get him killed.
This theme of survival, alexander Altmann A10567 puts his hand up for a job in the stable to take care of the horses. He is also asked to break into commanders stable a task that seems impossible. But for his survival and that of the horse, Alexander AltamannA10567 has to break into the stable. Alexander Altmann A10567 also lies about his age to be sixteen years in order to survive unlike his young sister. Alexander knew that he had to take any chance given for him to survive and if it required him to take care of German officers’ horses, he would not let it go. Alexander was sure that being tough and showing that he did not get scared by the German officers’ horses was the only way he was going to survive. This theme of survival is brought out by the way Alexander struggles to stay alive and keeps doing his best to show his ability to survive in the most severe situations. He is able to make it through the world war two.
The language technique of personification is used to show the theme of friendship. Personification is the act of attributing human characteristics to objects or animals. The horses in the book are treated with more respect than the inmates. The German officers are friendlier to the horses. They show them more humanity than the prisoners. Even the horses are called by their names but the prisoners are called by the numbers tattooed on their arms. In this book, the horses are personified.
Alexander Altmann A10567 is also friendly to the horses. He gets the opportunity to take care of the officers’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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