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What should we do to help people get jobs - Research Paper Example

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No one ever thinks of spending many years after completing his or her studies without securing a job. Additionally, it is stressing and heartbreaking for one to see his or her classmates securing jobs immediately after graduating while…
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What should we do to help people get jobs
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Download file to see previous pages This happens in all parts of the world and more so countries where literacy levels are high, calling for high education and experience in order for one to secure employment. This leaves fresh graduates no chances of employment as people with experience are preferred compared to fresh graduates. Therefore, it is important for human beings to help their fellows secure jobs. From this perspective, it is the role of humans to help others gets employed whether they are employed or not.
There are different forms of unemployment. They include the school leavers, redundant, graduates, career breaks and also the disabled workers. School leavers are those people that have not been to university and may have no qualifications, and their level of education is below the degree level. This makes them jobless. Graduates are those who have completed their degree level yet they have not found any job. Career breaks are people who were initially employed but had some time away from their careers but are ready to get back to those careers. Such are also referred to as returning mums or dads. Lastly, the disabled workers are people with disabilities but are capable of doing any job that non-disabled persons can do yet they are not employed (Total jobs, n.p). All the above groups fall under the realm of unemployed persons. Notably, they all can secure themselves jobs at different places in the society. The possibility of them getting employed depends on their attitude towards the jobs. The unemployed can get jobs through personal marketing. McKay tells people that they should search for jobs in a way like the jobs were a marketing campaign. Also, she teaches people that they learn to put together some marketing formulas to help them find their employment.
The interview is probably the part of the job search process that makes people the most anxious. That could be because any control you had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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