The use of drones in the United States - Essay Example

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Drone is a device that has no pilot onboard and is used for fighting in the air and excludes weapons, missiles, and exploding warheads. This device includes airships, helicopters, and all types of airplanes and lift aircrafts that are powered but with no pilot onboard (Bennett). …
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The use of drones in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages However, there is a lot of debate that have been sparked on the legality, efficacy and morality of this practice, even though, capable drones have versatile uses. In the current times, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was ordered by the Obama’s administration to come up with a plan in order to permit unarmed drones within the United States airspace. Such a decision was as a result of the tremendous demand arising from different stakeholders such as Border Patrol, police, agencies, organizations and businesses in their quest to use them in future. This paper addresses the pros and cons of the legalization of drones for commercial use by companies/organizations in the United States.
The pros of the use of drones in the United States by border patrol police, agencies, organizations, and businesses.
Drones can be used to save lives. These devices can be used to reduce significantly the frequency and exposure of military personnel during war. Another benefit of drones is the low cost. These devices are affordable when purchasing and the costs incurred in maintaining or fueling them are significantly lower compared to ordinary and regular airplanes. Needless to say, there is low risk involved as a result of military hardware since these devices are comparatively smaller and can, therefore, fly at lower altitudes as opposed to the traditional airplanes. There is the benefit of comparatively longer operational hours without any fatigue. This is because drones do not have human pilots and can, therefore, stay in operation for a long time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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