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A gay man's case against gay marriage - Essay Example

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The objective of the author is to discourage advocacy for same-sex marriages. Evidenced by; the best argument against homosexual marriage is the argument against marriage. (Spilsbury, pg14) The focus is…
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A gay man's case against gay marriage
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Download file to see previous pages Once these ingredients are compromised the outcome is a broken relationship.
Homosexuals should not consider their relationships as a particular breed that require special treatment rather focus on promoting healthy marriages. In fact there is a greater possibility for same-sex marriages to fail compared to their opposite sex counterparts. The society considers it as a social disorder. The belief that marriage was originally between a male and a female is indispensable. According to the author, gays find it difficult to answer the fundamental question as to why they a fighting for this kind of marriages. From a gay perspective he even considers it myopic and pointless. Homosexuals should consider a revision of their agenda and focus on more pertinent issues.
Pathos is an emotional appeal to the reader. Michael’s claims cannot be quoted out of context. The author is not against homosexuals crusading for their rights. In fact, he is of the view that they have a right to partake of civil marriage, the benefits that come with it. Furthermore, denial of legal status give to opposite-sex couples is discrimination. The point why homosexuals are pushing for legalization of their marriages is not precise. For example, some argue that the traditional heterosexual relationships are not the best hence the need to try a different kind. Due to the shallowness of this proposition they think that by changing the players they will change the game plan without really having an alternative game plan. The argument is emotional vulnerability and maturity.
Simply because there are many cases of divorce, domestic violence, child abuse and adultery among heterosexual couples does not imply theirs will work better. It is even ironical to use adultery; a religious term specifically in Biblical context to push their agenda. It is critical to remind them that what they practice is an abomination according to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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