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Your Logical Analysis for Better Understanding and Living - Essay Example

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Decisions regarding college, career choices, time management, financial management and relationships all determine the kind of life a person will live in the future…
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Your Logical Analysis for Better Understanding and Living
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Download file to see previous pages The understanding and living of a better life depends on the ability for one to understand what they want in life and focus on achieving those goals.
Securing a better life starts with making the right choices for college and picking the right career path. These decisions are based on interests and strengths of an individual. I have to understand my interests and passions before choosing a career that best fits these interests. Based on my interests and strengths, I should make a decision on what I would want to study or major in college before deciding the right college for offering the course. Having information on the major or career will be helpful in getting a college that specializes in that particular field. I would develop a criterion for selecting colleges based on factors such as degrees offered, location, costs, graduation rate and financial assistance packages. From the criteria, I can come up with a list of possible colleges and universities. Visiting the schools before making the decision to study there may also be helpful. Choosing the right career and college that offers that course is the first step to securing a bright and better life in future.
Time management is necessary because once lost, time is unrecoverable. Part of my understanding of living a better life is to manage my time. Time management not only improves the balance of life but also ensures a quality life. After understanding that time management is life management, I have to develop ways to manage my time by exercising self-discipline. Time management can lead to a better life because it minimizes stress and improves the overall quality of life. I start by laying a foundation for managing my time by delegating appropriate time for every activity I carry out in the day. I also have to identify and evaluate how I am spending my time currently to know where to make the adjustments. To manage my time I ensure that everything moves according to schedule. Anything done out of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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