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Write an in response to the passage from Roger Schank that appears at the bottom - Essay Example

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In getting repeated in our stories, ones that, of course, have more poignancy and abundant elements than the ones we are hearing, we have a propensity to get diverted by thinking more about what happens to us. Evidently,…
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Write an essay in response to the passage from Roger Schank that appears at the bottom
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Download file to see previous pages te to us hence we can describe best what we pass through rather than what other people pass through thus experience becomes the best teacher of what we are to narrate to others. The following examples are to support my argument that experience is the best teacher.
Interest towards something can assist us in telling a very interesting story about our history. Having the interest in what we like doing helps in focusing on the things we look after and ignore the things we are not prepared to deal with. Therefore, our mind is not ever occupied by irrelevant things hence can easily remember our history more easily. Additionally, since we can easily understand things that relate to our experience, it is actually very different to bear things that people say to us that are not interpretive via the incidences (experiences) we go through. Of course, interest develops the ability to recall whatever we have passed through to get to the point we are in the present (Roger, 2005).
We cannot forget to pinpoint that a man is to an error and most of the time we tend to forget our past once we get to a new beginning. Therefore, when we get an opportunity of a remainder, we can understand better in the course of what we are being told about some things experienced. Having backups affect the way we understand events. For example, different people learn the same story differently precisely because the story they already know is different. It will take a broader historical view to developing a creative process to literary come up with someone else story and narrate it fluently without skipping any detail about the people we opt to talk about their history. Therefore, having a backup either in computers, phones or disks will help to tell others a history of someone they need to know. Overall, it becomes difficult to learn from these backups because the degree of accuracy is in doubt. For example, we do not understand how actual the history is framed. Therefore, it will only become ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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