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Because we are doing a research I suggest to call the subject of our discussion Cannabis. Cannabis is popular around the world as a recreational drug though…
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Commentary Essay Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It is believed that cannabis was used during religious ceremonials of the early ethnic groups of people. Shamans and sacerdotes in the ancient times used cannabis to become more religiously enlighted.
Cannabis has an effect on the mind and body senses of a person who uses it. Most general and comfortable way to use cannabis is to smoke its dry leaves like tobacco. Cannabis is usually smoked with pipe, hookah, bong or joints (small hand rolling cigars). Usually person who smoke cannabis appear to feel euphory, think in a more philosophical and self-insight way. Individual under the influence of cannabis also has a more receptive feelings especially towards perception of information and food or drinks. If person for example likes music then his listening to the favourite song before smoking cannabis and after will be different. Food seems more pleasant as well as all other kinds of nice things like hot shower, sexual intercourse, reading a book, watching a movie etc. Cannabis influence brain directity and hit receptors which influence emotional, psychic and behavioural condition of an individual.
All desirable effects of cannabis like euphoria, sense of pleasentness, more perceptive feelings and other dissappear within a couple of hours after cannabis was used. Though it is a light drug and if talking medically in fact not even a drug it has some bad effects. These bad effect are usually of a long term and depend on the regularity of smoking cannabis and the amount of product smoked. Among negative long-term effects are loss of concentration, clow reaction, sleepliness, inactivity and passive reaction towards the irritants of the environment. However this negative effects do not have somehow significantly negative influence and they appear only if cannabis is used too regularly and in a huge portions. It is also clinically proved that without further using of cannabis such negative effects vanish with no trace of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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